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Recycled Plastic Tongue & Groove board comes in 3 colours - brown, black & green Recycled Plastic tongue and groove boards fits together snugly for a strong & robust, attractive and durable effect.

  • Recycled Plastic Tongue & Groove board is solid & the colour goes right through the profile, so it does not need painting or treatment to retain its good looks
  • It does not rot - stables will have a long life
  • It's watererproof - which means you can simply hose it down with water.
  • It does not splinter or break easily, so a kicking animal will not damage it - it returns to its original shape.
  • It is weatherproof - frost, UV-rays, rain, hail, or snow cannot damage it. It is amazingly versatile & can be used for: Stabling, Stall dividers, Box doors & Retaining boards for all-weather lunging and gallop areas. A recycled Plastic Tongue & Groove board does not retain water and therefore are more hygienic for stables than timber. It is solid, durable and ideal for both indoor and outdoor stabling maintenance free. The stable unit will not age - it will hold its superior quality which is weather-resistant unlike wood.

Width: 150mm (138mm cover face)
Thickness: 28mm
Length: 3650mm
Colours: Brown, Black, Green

The Tongue & Groove board is acceptable to the Department of Agriculture & Food for use in stable partitions.